Our Story


Brothers Blake and Jordan run Heywood 1922; a men’s accessories business based in Australia. During the last 6 months Heywood has expanded across 2 new continents, with the highly creative Ashley looking after operations in Canada and Jordan taking our brand into Asia.

Where it all began...

The best friend of Blake and Jordan’s great grandfather was a man named Lord Heywood of England. Upon the birth of his 3 children, their great grandfather gave his children the middle name Heywood in dedication of his good friend.

The first “Heywood” of the family was born in 1922, and the name has continued as tradition through their line of the family, from their grandfather, to their father and now themselves 

In honour of this tradition, and in memory of their grandfather Peter ‘Heywood’, Heywood 1922 was born, utilizing the family crest and motto as a foundation for the brand.

Peter served with the AAF (Australian Air Force). He left an everlasting impression on brothers Blake and Jordan that remains with them to this day, and inspires much of their work.

Peter was a fun, humorous & a dapper gentleman who found it hard serving in uniform. After returning from duty, he would often tell stories of the fantastic people he met and the friends he sadly lost during the war. He found dressing up and looking his best was a way to alleviate his mind from the tragedies of the past that disturbed him.

One of his favourite quotes was 'dress like the man you are, or aspire to be'.

These words ring true when Heywood 1922 are designing each collection. Each collection is inspired by the stories told of missions Peter was involved in; and each Bow Tie is named after his friends who didn’t make it home, and those friends he met along the way…

Heywood 1922 bow-tie/hank sets relate to that perfect flying partner. They are both versatile and complimentary.

They either match perfectly and fly in unison (matching hank) or they compliment you; covering your weak spot (complimenting hank).

Making these wares is a way for Blake and Jordan to keep Peter's passion alive and celebrate the achievements of some of Australia's finest men, while wearing them around your neck... Keeping that discerning, dapper & chivalrous man alive.