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Heywood 1922 Neck Ties
Heywood 1922 Autumn // Winter 2012 Collection...
Heywood 1922 Autumn//Winter 2013 Collection...
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Heywood 1922 Autumn // Winter 2015 Collection now available... 

Heywood 1922 Bow Ties
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Heywood 1922 Gift Cards - what to get when you don't know which 'chap' they will want!
Our premium neck tie collection constructed from fine linen, cotton or wool with hand rolled and stitched pointed ends.
Dress your little man to the nines - it is never too young to start. We couldn't compromise on our self tying mantra but instead have developed a friendly adjustable mechanism to allow young lads to continue to wear their bow tie for years to come. Hopefully one day he will snip the cotton tacks holding the bow together and learn a priceless life lesson of tying one's own bow.
Sometimes the occasion calls for it, so keep your Grandmother happy.
Heywood 1922 Knitted Ties
Heywood 1922 Leather Goods are hand made in Australia with premium local hides
"Celebrating life's rituals.." S.Leopardi 13'
Heywood 1922 Neckerchief/Bandana Collection
100% Linen Pillowcases
Heywood 1922 Pocket Hanks
Heywood 1922 Scarf Collection
Heywood 1922 Spring//Summer 2013 Collection...
Heywood 1922 Spring//Summer 2014 Collection
Our Spring // Summer 2016 Collection is now available... Units are awfully limited! Don't miss out!